Winner Fucks Loser – Arielle Aquinas and Chad Diamond have sex fight – Male Wins

Photo of sex wresling Arielle Aquinas and Chad Diamond

Arielle Aquinas is Back and has more fire than ever. She didn’t quite understand in her first match that we want women to win. She was having a subby day that day and she wanted to be dominated by her first male opponent, Rick Fantana.

Today, Subby Arielle is long gone, she’s in the mood to fuck some poor guy’s asshole……enter poor guy’s asshole….Chad Diamond is one of the fan favorites.

He has a few losses on his record which makes for exciting matches for the fans because history has shown he has a chance of possibly losing. Today there’s another good chance he may lose. Arielle comes at Chad like a bat out of hell.

She is on a mission and that mission will require her to take down Chad Diamond and fuck her ass…but first, she needs to win. Chad has been upping his game in the meantime. This guy has started training regularly and has honed his skills very well.

This match is an outstanding sex fight. Arielle is constantly grabbing cock and working the sex points she even has some legit counters for Chad. She’s able to get him in leg scissors and really put him in trouble but most importantly she perves out on him like no other female has done before. She creeps on this guy so…

Photo of sex wresling Arielle Aquinas and  Chad Diamond

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