The sexual gladiators – Cody Carter and Tori Avano in the wrestling matche – Winner Fucks Loser

Photo of sex fight between Cody Carter and Tori Avano

Mr. Cody Carter is a rookie here at Evolved Fights as of right now. He is taking on one of our favorites, The Panda, Tori Avano. Tori is really going to need to change her name to “the sexual gladiator”. She is constantly sucking cock and stroking dick in the wrestling matches. She is a bonafide sex goddess.

When she knows she’s in trouble, she does what she knows best and that means she’s tugging dick all day long. This beautiful sex fighter is able to get 2 tied rounds with this formally trained wrestler. Cody Carter is from Ohio, the home state of the greatest wrestlers ever born.

Cody has been wrestling since he’s been wearing diapers. He’s very confident he will win in a wrestling match..he’s not so sure what will happen in a sex fight once blowjobs and pussy eating becomes part of the arsenal.

This is a very intense close fight. One thing for sure, we are going to need a rematch after this one. As usual, the loser gets fucked by the winner but this time because the match is so close, the loser is bitter and refuses to lay down and take it. The loser tops from the bottom and both cum hard

Photo of sex fight between Cody Carter and Tori Avano

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