Perfect woman athlete Joslyn Jane fights Will Tile – Joslyn Jane, Will Tile – Erotic Wrestling

Photo of erotic wrestling Joslyn Jane and Will Tile

No more Mr Nice guy! Will Tile has mastered how to be a strong dominant man in our venue. He use to let females get moves on him, he use to give them a false sense of accomplishment by allowing them to get moves on him.

He just didn’t have the heart to win sometimes. So looking at his record and how big and strong he is one would think ” how the fuck did this guy lose a match and get a draw on a match”. Now Will Tile says goodbye to mr nice guy. He’s in it to win it.

Today however, he’s taking on a Tall Blond, All Natural MILF athlete. Miss Joslyn Jane is a welcomed edition. She’s a former collegiate athlete and she has a presence when she walks into any room.

She’s a beautiful tomboy type with a soft side…..basically, the perfect woman. She hasn’t wrestled before but she’s horny and wants the BBC so she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the W and have Will Tile handcuffed and fucked.

But first….she needs to win. She is able to get on top a lot and control Mr. Tile for a bit….is it enough. This fight goes to decision. Winner is fucked and drained of orgasms. This match ends in creampie.

Photo of erotic wrestling Joslyn Jane and Will Tile

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