What sexual wrestling is ?– Indiana Bones and Nikki Sequoia – Winner Fucks Loser

Photo of sex on the mat Indiana Bones and Nikki Sequoia

We have two newcomers today and it does not disappoint. These two admit they have never wrestled before but you would never know that from watching this video.

These two basically just wanna fuck and they use the wrestling as foreplay, which is essentially what wrestling is to be honest. Both wrestlers are able to get on top and fuck with penetration so this match is very very close up until round 3.

We get a bonafide orgasm on the mat with an instant victory and the orgasm inflictor gets to rail the loser before the prize round. After fucking for basically the entire third round, The loser is exhausted and cumdrunk.

The winner fucks the loser and squirts all over the loser’s face then looks at the camera and challenges us to bring the winner fresh meat who can stand a chance against them.

Photo of sex on the mat  Indiana Bones and Nikki Sequoia

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